Y-food A4 szóró ANGOLOur downloadable brochures in 5 languages:

English, Arabic, German, French and Hungarian.

 Honey with pumpkin seed/Our main product is made from special roasted, Tökmagos méz 1shell-less pumpkin seed and acacia-honey. It’s high nutritional-biological value is well-known and has been used in folk therapy for stimulating potency. It’s reputation is indicated with the trademark “Excellent Hungarian Food” and the OMÉK first prize in 2000.

Vegyesgyüm teakeverék 1

Mixed fruit flavoured honey tea composition/Adding water to it and result is a special tea with excellent flavour and aroma. Chilled you can enjoy it as refreshing soft drink.

Bahama mix/This is a desert we made using papaya, pineapple, corinthian Bahama Mixraisin and Acatia-honey and is recommended especially for people “having a sweet tooth”. Mixed with dry champagne it is an original ingredient of jorum.   


Tropical storm/Looking a little amazing this honey dessert consists of papaya, applering and apricot.

Acatia-honey and mixed flower-honey in earthenware mug/The honey produced in Bihar region is packed in natural package, which is a special hand made mug. It’s recommended for presentation. The product was allowed to use the trademark “Excellent Hungarian Food”.

Honey Magic/Three products (Honey with pumpkin seed, Mixed fruit flavoured honey tea composition, Bahama mix) come out in an individual, exclusive package with trilingual label. Especially satisfies requirements of tourism and catering industry. 





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